Farm Living Gambrel

This design inspired the creation of our Cambridge floorplan–a classic Farmhouse-style Gambrel design.  You can check out the floorplan design by clicking here.

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots.jpg

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots-7.jpg

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots-14.jpg

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots-13.jpg

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots-3.jpg

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots-5.jpg

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots-2.jpg

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots-4.jpg

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots-6.jpg

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots-10.jpg

Underhill_Gambrel - Cambridge-Hero-Shots-9.jpg


“It’s like being on vacation all of the time.”