“We have total and complete love and satisfaction for our log home!”

We picked Northeastern Log Homes after long and careful research. We found that Northeastern offers the best support. Believe it or not, I am not a construction worker — I am a 30+ year insurance agent. The home building instructions were clear and it went up easily. With the quality and service you folks have — they have thought of EVERYTHING! From the quality of the cabin, to organization and technical support. If you’re thinking about building a log home, call me! I cannot recommend Northeastern highly enough! We LOVE our cabin! We are thrilled and happy with every aspect of the experience!”

“Stop looking. Northeastern Log Homes will meet your every need.”

My brother and sister-in-law bought and built a Northeastern Log Home in 1988. I’ve visited their log home many times over the years, and I loved its many features — so I built one, too. The house is beautiful and comfortable. From quality to fit and finish, I am completely satisfied by every aspect of the product as advertised.”

“Northeastern provides great customer service from start to finish.”

I have and would definitely recommend Northeastern. The entire process was pleasurable, rewarding, and satisfying — all with outstanding quality and great customer service. Even after 19 years in my home, I love it! It has definitely stood the test of time.”

“We knew we wanted to contact Northeastern”

We built our Northeastern Log Home 33 years ago.  When we decided to build an addition, we knew we wanted to contact Northeastern.  Jeannie and the staff were so accommodating and made it easy for our dream to become reality!

“It’s like being on vacation all of the time.”

I chose Northeastern Log Homes because of their professionalism, their complete package, and their willingness to listen to my design requests. If someone asked me whether they should build a log home, I would say ‘Certainly!’ — and then tell them that they should use Northeastern Log Homes. Buying the home was effortless and putting it together with the detailed print Northeastern provided made the project seem easy.

“We feel like family”

I would strongly suggest to anyone considering building a log home to do the research. If we had to, we would work with and purchase our log home from Northeastern Log Home again in a heartbeat. We feel like family. We would not recommend any other! This log home is our dream come true.

“A fantastic experience and a beautiful home!”

A log home has a woodsy, comfy atmosphere, and it is something that we both always wanted. As first time home buyers, we were most impressed with the company’s attention to detail and Northeastern’s capability to change the original design to what we wanted. We would definitely recommend Northeastern Log Homes. We both worked very hard to accomplish our goal and are very satisfied that we went with Northeastern Log Homes. Truly, the whole house is fantastic.”