The Stratford–Spacious, Bright Quality

With Northeastern, the quality of the materials and completeness of the package eliminates running to the local lumberyard.

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There were no shortages and no delays during construction. Every piece we needed arrived onsite and the pieces were cut perfectly. I didn’t have to struggle to make things fit.

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A Spacious, Bright Quality

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The eastern white pine Northeastern uses has a brightness and quality that you don’t see with other types of wood.

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With raised the ceiling height, which markedly increased the sense of spaciousness without much additional cost.

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Energy Efficiency Built Right In

With Northeastern’s dried logs there was no shrinkage whatsoever. Hang the kitchen cabinets directly on the walls and install all the windows and doors without having to worry about movement.

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When it comes to energy efficiency, “I heat the entire house with a wood stove in the basement that is tied in with the duct work for $300 a year. This log home is the real deal.” – Bud Santo, Santo Builders, Inc.

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This home was featured in Country’s Best Log Homes magazine.

“We have total and complete love and satisfaction for our log home!”