"My brother and sister-in-law bought / built a Northeastern Log Home in 1988 — I’ve visited their log home many times over the years and I loved its many features — so I built one, too. I really like its energy efficiency and rustic look."

Peter Sneed




Limited ‘Lifetime’ Warranty

Northeastern Log Homes extends to the original purchaser a Limited ‘Lifetime’ Warranty on the manufactured log materials against any structural defects. Northeastern Log Homes agrees to repair or replace at its sole option any structural defective log material. Regular cosmetic log maintenance and protection, such as exterior stains and rain gutters, is the responsibility of the purchaser and any damage caused due to the lack of regular maintenance is not included in this warranty. The natural tendency of logs to check, warp, and twist is a normal condition, which is not covered by this warranty unless such condition shall cause a structural defect. This warranty does not apply to defects arising from construction which does not comply with the specifications of Northeastern Log Homes or applicable building codes.

Northeastern Log Homes further warrants that items manufactured by Northeastern are free from defects in workmanship and design, as dictated by national building codes. Northeastern will replace (or pay for a reasonable substitution at Northeastern’s sole option) any defective item provided Northeastern receives written claim before installation of said defective item.

All other materials supplied by Northeastern such as doors, windows, roofing material, caulk and gasket material, which are manufactured by others companies, are warranted against defects by their respective manufacturers.

Northeastern Log Homes makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, by affirmation or promise, or otherwise except as above stated. Northeastern Log Homes shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages or for any other claims of loss or damage except as above stated.

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