"We always get compliments regarding the loft area and cathedral ceiling. The bedrooms are a decent size and are always complimented. People really like the fireplace which we actually built ourselves out of stone. The porch overlooks a pond, which is another characteristic that gets complimented. Truly, the whole house is fantastic."

Tracey and Tanner Toney

Stafford Springs


The Harborside (modified)

“I’m just tickled with the house. It’s much more than I ever expected.”

The Harborside (modified)

When Jay Forge thought about building his own home, he knew the only kind that would suit his Rhode Island property and newly acquired racehorse breeding farm was a log home. “Aesthetically, I knew it would fit perfectly into the landscape,” he says.

Open, Airy to Let the Out-of-Doors In

After a local contractor recommended Northeastern Log Homes, Jay contacted Northeastern’s office in Westfield, Massachusetts, to begin the design process. Above all, he wanted an open, airy layout. So he chose a customized version of Northeastern’s Harborside standard plan, featuring an open great room, first-floor master bedroom suite, a roomy loft with two bedrooms, and a porch and deck that extend living space outdoors. Notes Jay: “We can open the French doors and make the outdoors part of our home.”

Views and Light Flood In

The most distinguishing aspects of the design were the installation of oversized windows and the addition of two levels of logs to elevate the walls. This raised the porch roof higher than the windows, admitting more light underneath and exposing views from the inside. Another effect was to raise the height of the upstairs walls, allowing for bigger windows and more headroom without the use of dormers. “We get sunlight in the house all day,” Jay says. “People walk in, and they can’t believe how bright it is. I’m just tickled with the house. It’s much more than I ever expected.”

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