"I used Log Homes Magazine and sent questionnaires to about 20 marketers all east of the Mississippi. I used those to narrow it down to three. I chose Northeastern because of the sales rep and all the help and resources he was able to provide, specifically helping us find someone to put up the logs."

Lori Latka



Industry's Most Advanced Technologies

We engineer our log homes to exacting specifications. With nearly 40 years of experience perfecting our manufacturing technologies, we provide the log home industry’s most advanced technologies. It’s not surprising that Northeastern offers the most water- and air-tight log homes you can buy.

Triple-Seal Weather-Lock™ system for tight,
easy assembly

Three individually milled tiers provide a custom fit for a compressable foam gasket, caulking and an 11” FastenMaster® LogHog fastener that securely holds the logs together. A notch milled beneath the drip edge exterior of our log eliminates the capillary action of water, channeling moisture away from your home. This system makes assembly easier and finished homes tighter.


Triple-Seal Weather-LockSystem
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Corner cuts and sealants create an unbroken seal

Foam and caulking continue in an unbroken seal throughout the home along both vertical and horizontal planes. At the corners, pre-cut and compressed foam pads provide additional protection and a solid fit. Exposed log ends are milled flat for a cleaner look and improved water-shedding performance.

  Corner Cuts and Sealant
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Window and door jambs form a solid weather barrier

Specially milled jambs at windows and doors add weather-resistant protection at challenging joints, creating a solid barrier to the outdoors.


  Window and Door Jambs
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Mortise and tenon joinery ensures a tight fit

Logs are secured end-to-end using mortise and tenon joinery. The foam gasket and caulking of our triple-seal system extend into the mortised joint. NO drop-in splines in our log system!

  Mortise and Tenon Joinery
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Roof design resists wind and water

Roof framing members do not pass through the weather-tight, solid log gables. Generous overhangs further guard against potential water damage. Soffit vents provide the air exchange critical to a long-lasting roof.

  Roof Design
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Double-roof construction eliminated moisture

To eliminate moisture, the double-roof system creates a “sandwich,” enclosing rigid insulation of R-34 (or more), a 1 1/2” air space for built-in ventilation and a sheathing of AdvanTech®, the most stable sheathing material available in the marketplace today!

  Double-roof Construction
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