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Misc_Photos - BLDR-LOG-LINE-App_01.jpgThanks for reaching out to contact us!  It’s always nice when there’s enough information and content on our page that someone feels comfortable enough to take a small next step.  Your email is winding it’s way to our server and we look forward to getting in touch shortly.

In the meantime, feel free to continue to surf–we’d highly recommend two pages in particular.  First, if you’ve not yet taken the time, definitely check out the very detailed FAQ’s on the website.  There’s a lot of professional level information there regarding many early questions, and if you’re interested in either our beautiful log home direction, or if a post & beam is more your style, take a brief behind-the-scenes peek at some of the technical details that tend to be present on companies who are very well regarded in our industry.  Here are a few button links for your convenience.

Sure, let’s read some FAQ’sHow to identify a well-engineered log homeTips on good Post & Beam construction

We look forward to getting in touch!


The Staff of Northeastern Log and Classic Post & Beam

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