Bright Interior

A stunning multi-dormer presenting side for stellar curb appeal.   Note the relaxing front “wrapping-to-the-side” porch area.  And that overlook in the back–now that’s a view!Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-.jpg

Very clean lines and light interior.  Note how the light floral patterns on the couch and chair fabric co-mingle splendidly with the use of classic oriental accent throw rugs.
Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-006.jpg
A decent amount of lower area cabinets allow for the choice of more window area in the upper portion of the kitchen to enliven the workspace.

Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-005-2.jpg

Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-004-2.jpg

Oftentimes, a sharp contrast in color can add a dash of vibrancy and excitement!  The matching light fixture with fruit bowl below is a marvelous demonstration of that technique.

Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-2.jpg

Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-005.jpg

Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-004.jpg

Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-003-2.jpg

Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-003.jpg

Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-002.jpg

Donaldson_Bright_Interior - Donaldson-Hero-Shots-002-2.jpg

“We feel like family”