"My brother and sister-in-law bought / built a Northeastern Log Home in 1988 — I’ve visited their log home many times over the years and I loved its many features — so I built one, too. I really like its energy efficiency and rustic look."

Peter Sneed



Superior Product Quality

We will create your home with materials of unsurpassed quality — including premium brand-name components — to deliver a superior value and technology you can rely on.

Superior Product Quality — a Material Difference

For nearly four decades, Northeastern Log Homes has set the standard for quality in every aspect of log home construction, starting with our logs. We use only the finest Eastern White Pine — a highly prized wood species. Available in a number of log profiles (you choose the shape, beveling, and rounding of the logs), all logs are milled from the heart of the timber — the most stable and straightest part of the tree. We also offer Western Red Cedar for those who like the dark rich colors of this popular west coast species.

Over the years, we have also led the way in innovating log home manufacturing processes, and today we offer some of the industry’s most advanced technologies. For example, our engineered double-roof system, together with the thermal mass of the logs, raises the energy efficiency level up to that of the most advanced frame homes. Add to this several other structural advantages, including our Triple-Seal Weather-Lock System™, and you’ve got an ironclad barrier to the outdoors. Plus, we use only the best brand-name components to deliver a superior value with every home package.

Why Our Homes Are so Energy Efficient

The walls of a Northeastern Log Home act as a natural insulator for maximum energy efficiency, and our Triple-Seal Weather-Lock System™ keeps out the elements. Our double-roof system accommodates any insulation thickness required by local building codes. Classic-Craft® exterior doors and Andersen® windows provide style, class and energy efficiency to your new home.

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