"If you’re looking to build a log home, stop looking. Northeastern Log Home will meet your every need. I am completely satisfied by every aspect of the product as advertised."

Peter Sneed



Peter Sneed

Troy, Maine
Built in 2007
Primary residence

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“Stop looking. Northeastern Log Homes will meet your every need.”

Peter Sneed “chose to build a log home for its energy efficiency and for its rustic look.” Here’s what Peter has to say about building his Northeastern Log Home:

“My brother and sister-in-law bought and built a Northeastern Log Home in 1988. I’ve visited their log home many times over the years, and I loved its many features — so I built one, too.

When I started the process of designing my log home, I was most impressed with the willingness and speed with which the Northeastern Log Homes staff made the changes I requested. And their attention to detail was impressive too — their engineers pointed out that a change I was requesting was either not prudent or might create a safety/structural issue.

My building experience was unique. While my brother and sister-in-law lived in a town near to Troy, Maine, I was living in New Jersey. I bought the land (40 acres) having only seen photos. I had faith in Northeastern Log Homes due to my brother’s experience, so I worked with John Lusignan, my Northeastern sales rep, to choose a home and garage and make several changes to each building. Things like payment schedule and delivery dates were quickly settled. At my request, John L. even recommended a builder who lives in the adjacent town.

We conducted all our business over the phone: fee proposal, negotiation, interior/exterior equipment, and fixtures. We made a construction completion schedule. My brother visited the site once a week and I spoke to each of them 3-4 times a week. In short, everything from Northeastern Log Home’s manufacturing and shipment to my site to construction and landscaping were completed as specified — on time — and at or under budget.

When friends and family come to visit, they first remark on the pine smell, then on the flow of the floor plan. Most people love the bamboo flooring and the gigantic closets.

The house is so comfortable. From quality to fit and finish, I am completely satisfied by every aspect of the product as advertised.”

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