"I am not a construction worker — I am a 30+ year insurance agent. The instructions were clear and the house went up easily. I was most impressed by the quality of the cabin, organization, and tech support."

Michael Krause



Our Logs

Superior Quality Logs for Superior Quality Homes

To create homes of unmatched strength and integrity, we select only the finest wood species for our homes, then mill them in our own plant from timber taken directly from the heart of the tree, yielding logs that are straight and strong.

You have two types of logs to choose from:

  • Eastern White Pine is a straight-grained species that’s less susceptible to twisting, shrinking or pitch seepage than many other wood species. It’s easy to work with and takes finishes beautifully, drying in a stable, predictable fashion.
  • Western Red Cedar is also available if you’re looking for a dark, rich, aromatic wood with the distinctive cedar look.

Either species is available in several log profiles.

Your home — whether you’ve chosen a standard model, a modified version or a custom design — will be cut to order, log by log, at our manufacturing facility in Kenduskeag, Maine.

What Makes a Log High Quality?

  • Highest grade logs — Professionals grade all of our logs for appearance, structural quality and function using tough grading standards. Only logs that meet these standards, the strictest in the industry, will be used in a Northeastern Log Home.
  • Kiln drying — Kiln drying in state-of-the-art, high-temperature steam kilns allows for stability in the log material to ensure straight, precise milling and trouble-free construction on the job site.
  • Log-to-log consistency — We oversee each step of the manufacturing process — drying, milling, grading and manufacturing — to ensure every log is consistent in appearance and quality. And strict quality controls built into every step of the process ensure trouble-free construction.
  • Spruce for added strength — Eastern White Spruce is used for timber trusses, purlins and ceiling beams, offering the strength to handle the long spans that are the hallmark of a log home design. To ensure that logs are consistently solid and complement your pine or cedar walls, all spruce timbers are carefully graded for appearance and structural quality.

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