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Modern Log Homes Embrace 21st Century Convenience and Style

Log cabins started out as basic shelter, built from the most plentiful building material around — trees. Though we think of them as being uniquely American, they originated in Scandinavia and Russia — underneath the stucco, for example, the Kremlin is a log building.

Regardless of their roots, the appeal of log cabins — or more appropriately “log homes” — has endured for centuries. Their continuing popularity stems from the warmth and security of living in a house made of solid wood. 

From Log Home to Log Cabin

“Surprisingly more than 95 percent of all log homes are year ‘round homes,” says Horn, who is an executive with Northeastern Log Homes, in Kenduskeag, Maine. He adds, “Dirt floors and meager windows made of oiled hides have been replaced with today’s necessities — home offices, media rooms, spas, even Wi-Fi for internet access.”

Designed by professionals, log homes now include brand name double-paned, low-e windows and patio doors, fiberglass roofing shingles, contemporary kitchens, baths, lighting and energy-efficient heating systems. Most log homes are built by general contractors who take care of everything from building permits to handing the homeowner the key to the front door.

Economic Impact

Log Home companies are part of Maine’s forest products manufacturing industry that includes lumber companies and suppliers and component manufacturers. Forest products manufacturing contributes $5.6 billion to the economy and 40.5% of manufacturing sales in the state, says the Northeast State Foresters Association.

With 30,000 workers and a $1 billion payroll, this is Maine’s largest manufacturing sector.

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