"I used Log Homes Magazine and sent questionnaires to about 20 marketers all east of the Mississippi. I used those to narrow it down to three. I chose Northeastern because of the sales rep and all the help and resources he was able to provide, specifically helping us find someone to put up the logs."

Lori Latka



Comprehensive Package

Your EasyBuild™ Package will arrive in perfect condition with the materials you need to build your home and a detailed construction guide to ensure hassle-free construction.

Comprehensive EasyBuild™ Package

Whichever design option you choose, your Northeastern Log Homes package will include preliminary plans, a detailed construction guide and final construction drawings – all thoroughly checked and engineered to meet the International Residential Codes. We’ll be there to support you throughout the construction process, even making a final inspection one year after you move in!!

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Superior Value, Hassle-Free Construction

Our EasyBuild™ Package includes more of the components you’ll need to build your home. For example, we provide interior doors, walls, roofing materials, floor joists and even joist hangers and nail aprons — this saves you from having to specify, locate, price and transport your own building supplies, and it saves you from costly surprises. And when we list a brand name item, that’s exactly what we deliver (never components of “equal quality”).

Every Northeastern Log Home is precision cut to order, log by log, at our Kenduskeag, Maine, manufacturing facility. Pre-manufactured spruce trusses are hand-fitted, pre-drilled and clearly labeled, then dismantled for shipment. We triple check to make sure that every component fits together perfectly and that the package is 100% complete.

When your delivery date arrives, your log home components arrive at your job site in perfect condition — from packaging, to loading, we know we have the industry’s most careful shipping procedures.

Click here to see the Premier Series materials list. Click here to see the Traditional Home Series materials list or the Camp and Cabin Series materials list.

Click "DOWNLOAD PDF" for the material package price on any of the models in the Premier, Traditional or Camp and Cabin series.  Please of course feel free to contact us by clicking here, or calling us directly at 800-624-2797!