"We were most impressed at how well and easily the house came together with few problems. When we thought we needed more of something, we called John, our Northeastern sales rep, and he sent it out immediately so we weren’t held up waiting for the supplies."

Dan and Amy Palmer



Tim Dutra

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9 Bridgeview Drive
Richmond RI 02892
Fax: 401-539-0742
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Tim Dutra PictureI have a background in finance, am married and the father of three wonderful children. I have owned and lived in a ‘Westfield’ purchased from Northeastern for six years. Shortly after my wife and I met, we discovered our mutual dream of log home living. After looking at many manufacturers and floor plans, visited Northeastern’s model home in Westfield, MA; upon entering and smelling the pine logs that created the home, my wife proclaimed ‘this is my house’. From that point forward it was history in the making. We spent the next two years looking for land, finalizing our plans, and breaking ground. To keep costs down, we were the general contractor for the project, completing all the finish work ourselves; I consider this one of the most exciting, rewarding experiences of my life. My home and the impressive service I received from Northeastern Log Homes is why I am here today. Years after completing the project, my wife and I still speak proudly of our home and Northeastern’s top-notch customer service. I feel it is easy to sell someone on a product you believe in and are passionate about. I hope my experience as an owner/builder/resident will prove to be an asset to your project and I look forward to turning your dream of log home living into reality!

Dutra front of home

Dutra Home  ~  Wesfield Model

Dutra Home


Durta Home (Westfield)






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